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Metallurgical Image Analysis Software

Metallurgical Image Analysis Software

Image Analysis & Micro-Measurement Software


Introduction - Ver. 4.0 is A new generation Image analysis Software meant for Metallurgist to do analysis in the simplest way. This is a single screen window based system. The System is flexible, independent to adopt any capture card, camera and Microscope.


Ver. 4.0 can handle monochrome, gray (8 bits) and colour (24 bits) images. Multiple images of any size can be opened and displayed on the screen for analysis or comparison. The software support most common formats like BMP. JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF & PSD. The live image can be observed and captured on the same platform. Since the system is made in window environment, graphs and charts displayed on the monitor can be quickly transferred into other window based program like MS Word, MS Excel or any other commercial window based software for the use in reports and presentation


Ver 4.0 Image Analysis software can be used in Steel plants, Metal forging industry, Oil & gas industry, Material Science, Mineralogy metal and metal strength analysis Cement (Klincker) quality control and where ever Metallurgical microscope are used in. This Package is very useful Educational Institutions and All Material Science Technocrats And Metallurgists.


Measurement Tools.

  • Calibration
  • Length
  • Angle
  • Perimeter
  • Width
  • Radius
  • Area
  • Color
  • Counting
  • Flakes
  • Draw Free Circle


Metallographic Tools

  • Grain Size
  • Phase - ASTM E 566 1245
  • Decarburization - ASTM E 1077
  • Coating Thickness - ASTM B 487
  • Nodularity - ASTM A 247
  • Porosity -  ASTM 276
  • Inclusion - ASTM E 454 – E 1245
  • Particle Measurement:
  • Density
  • Filters
  • Invert
  • Annotation
  • Back Ground Removal
  • Amalgamation
  • Phase on Rectangular Area
  • Amalgamation


Some more Features from Main Menu:

  • Save & Save As
  • Report Preview
  • Zoom
  • Inclusion DIN
  • Gallery
  • Company Name
  • Delete Calibration:
  • Open Image & Convert
  • Show Capture
  • Modify or Comparison
  • Gray Scale
  • Resize Picture
  • Options
  • Capture